BEFSA is an educational charity working to reduce poverty through education in Southern Africa. It is our mission to improve the quality of education, support economic development and enable township schools to become agents for change.

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Working in partnership with a BEFSA school has done this, that and the other. It’s had a real impact on other stuff too.

Sara Bailey, Little Milton

Going to South Africa and working with the teachers there gave me good knowledge of important stuff. Now I teach that stuff to my kids and they all love South Africa.

James Smith, Cherwell

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BEFSA co-founder receives MBE

Catherine Borien –co founder and long standing trustee of BEFSA – received an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List (2017) for services to schools in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. After retiring from a highly successful teaching career, Catherine has worked tirelessly to improve the lives and life chances of South African children and … Continue reading BEFSA co-founder receives MBE

Working with Oxfordshire County Council

As this is the first of a series of blogs on BEFSA’s collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council, I thought it might be helpful if I began with a brief history of the council’s work in South Africa. In 1995, a year after South Africa’s first democratic elections, Oxfordshire County Council decided to support the country’s … Continue reading Working with Oxfordshire County Council

Masambe women tell their story

70% of the population in the Amathole District live below the poverty line, according to the Integrated Development Plan Review for 2008/09. The situation is aggravated further by low levels of productivity amongst those who are in employment, low levels of literacy and high crime rates. Unemployment rates in the rural areas are high, being … Continue reading Masambe women tell their story

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